Monday, 29 October 2007

I'm back from my Hol's

I'm back from my Holiday on the Norfolk Broads. I wont bore you will all the details but a good time was had by all and i would defiantly go again. Its such a pretty place and the people are so friendly.

Heres a couple of pictures.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

you make me smile awad from Julie, louly and Debbie

I had the you make me smile award from Julie yesterday and everywhere i went everyone seemed to have one, (Didn't want to post it on someones blog that i don't visit what's the point in that) so didn't want to make you have to do another ten peeps, Then Louly and Debbie gave me the award today so I'm in the same boat LOL
so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna give the you make me smile award to every one that visits my blog because you make me smile because you take the time to visit and leave a comment and that gives me a BIG smile, so take the award and put it on your blog and say i make crissi smile and forward it to ten peeps that make you smile or do what i have done.

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

woohoo nearly time to go on my Hols

These are what i will be spending next week on I'm off the the Norfolk Broads . I think i will be in the second boat but not sure. we will sort out who's going where when we get there . I'm really looking forward to getting away but would have been happy in something that was on land LOL. Hopefully the good old British weather will be kind and it will be dry if nothing else but in not holding my breath. We are starting out at wroxham and i dont have a clue where were going from there.

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Arty Girlz challenge #5 stitches

Our theme this week on Arty Girlz is Stitches xx---xx Go check it out

I cant sew to save my life so i made some simple cards with very simple faux stitching,

Here they are.

Julie and i will be away from Saturday for a week , I wont have access to the internet but Julie will have limited access so Julie will be uploading next's weeks challenge. we will catch up with every one when we get home im looking forward to doing that LOL a week with no crafting (shock horror)

Monday, 15 October 2007

4x4 friday numbers

This weeks challenge on 4x4 friday is numbers here's mine
I used assorted Paper Artsy stamp and studio G for the flower, added blue gems to the flowers and cut up a blue skeleton leaf and added it to where the foliage is to help cover the ladies Modesty although they don't seem bothered about it at all LOL

Im getting excited now as im off on my hols on saturday so after about wednesday i wont be doing any more challenges :-( (she says) as i really will need to get on with tha packing and what have you. so be warned after wednesday ish i will be rambling on about my holiday and i will show you some pick's of where im going .

Oh and dont forget theres a new challenge going up on Arty Girlz tomorrow as there is every tuesday hope to see you there

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Fluffy fatbottom's Twisted Tuesday weekly challenge

This weeks challenge over on FFTT is.... wheres me head

This is what they had to say "Well, it's that time again....time to think twisted! Sure hope you are up for the challenge again. This week's theme is "Where was my head?" This could mean "what was I thinking" or could be asking the location of a missing head. Interpret it as you like and be sure to link your blog so that we can have a look. Happy creating!"

This was a real hard one for me then i thought of a conversation i had with my son the other week when we were looking at photos of when he was younger, He said what was you thinking dressing me in that as he looked at most of the photos hes now a COOL 12 yr old well he thinks hes cool he has so much to learn,,, but to be honest i was thinking the same(tehe) why on earth did i put him in them stripy trousers and them coloured shoes LOL. He also called me mama when he was little to ah BLESS/

heres my take on the challenge

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Wednesday Stamper "Inchies

Todays challenge on wednesday stamper is inches

Heres what they said "The Moo cards were very popular so we thought we would try INCHIES this week. I don’t think you can get any smaller; so the challenge is to create your smallest masterpiece this week and let’s see them! (Inchies are 1×1 inch squares.)"

Here are my inches .. i just stamped different colour ink pads over my squares for the back grounds and used cherry pie art stamps .

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

I've been Taged

I have been Taged by sharon

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged:1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Ok 7 thing about me.

1. I have a tatoo on my shoulder

2. I love the feel of wax on my fingers and picking it of when it's cold (you did say weird lol)

3. I hate my hair being played with

4. I dont like feet only little babies there cute

5. I never reply to chain letters

6. I love lavender

7. Im a list maker and i always loose them

Heres's who im gonna tag








Arty Girlz challenge #4 Glueless

I cant believe we are at challenge 4 already with Arty Girlz just want to say thank you to every one that has joined in so far and for sharing your Amazing work with us.

Fot this challenge i made 3 waxed ATC's using house hold candles and a travel iron,
all i did was tear the images and attach them to my Atc blank by dripping the wax over the image and just repeated and when done buffed witha cloth i reall like the effect you get as the images go translusant. Although my photo is a bit dark and you cant really see they are better in real life Honest LOL,

If anyone could tell me the proper technique for bees wax i would be greatful , i have herd of people using this technique but not sure with the who's whats when and how 's in other word i dont have a clue.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Gothic Arches challenge Flowers

This weeks challenge on Gothic Arches is Flowers

This is what they said......"This weeks theme at Gothic Arches is “Flowers”…what do you think of? a bright spring day with tulips blooming? a summer field of sunflowers? autumns harvest of mum plants? whatever comes to your mind we would love to see it in the form of a gothic arch."

I really wanted to do something different today, i have lots of paints pencils and all sorts and never use them mainly because im .....Afraid... LOL. so i got some acrylic paint and bits of sponge and swiped and splodge the back ground. used various paper Artsy stamps and the flower image is from a fantasy cd (just love this flower) so printed and cut that out. the butterfly is from crafty individuals miniatures book, i cut the butterfly out and rolled the wings over my fingers so it has a 3d effect but it's stuck down as well. I quite like the background and will defiantly use my paints more

Saturday, 6 October 2007

4x4 friday challenge... Men

This weeks challenge over on 4x4 Friday is men

I thought i would do the Rat pack as i love big band, swing and of course the RAT PACK.

Friday, 5 October 2007

Daring cardmakers dare

Today's dare on Daring Cardmakers is to design a post card

This is what jane said "Hello Happy Darers !!! It's Jane here ! It's my turn to dare again .........and I'm still on the postal theme ......yep thats right - I want you to design a post card - and whats more I want you to actually post it! Aren't I mean ? Honestly, its not as bad as it sounds- just a bit more thinking 'outside the square'.....excuse the pun :0)."
I stamped the background with the free stamp in this months craft stamper mag, stamped the image (home and heart stamp from create it) cut her out gave her a dusting with chalk and a smidge with my brown cats eye ink pad couldn't live with it LOL, and stamped the friendships are the garden of life sentiment in the brown as well , run round the edge of the card with the cats eye pad and drew the little L in the corner's in brown.
Forgot to say im sending this is for my friend Julie shhhhhhhhhh dont tell her .......LOL

Thursday, 4 October 2007

MAGICKDIVA challenge In the pink

MAGICDIVA'S challenge is In the pink

This is what she said.........The clue is in the title IN THE PINK - show us anything you like, a layout, card, atc, with the main colour being pink!

So here's A Simple card i have made for the challenge, the card is baby pink the ribbon a darker pink and the the mat is a dark pink so i hope there's enough pink LOL

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Fluffy Fatbottoms Twisted Tuesday Weekly Challenge

This is the challenge over on Fluffy Fatbottoms Twisted Tuesday weekly challenge

This is what they say

The rules are very simple–the challenge has to be on a 3 1/2 X 5 1/2 OR a 4 X 6 inch (postcard sizes) piece! You may use any medium that you choose–painting, stamping, chalk, collage, drawing, ink–anything!! We hope you enjoy these challenges and come back every week. You can add as many as you want of one challenge though!
Post your piece on your blog, Flickr, website, etc…and then post a static link to it in our comment section. Don’t forget to link back to us too!!OK–THE FIRST CHALLENGE OF FLUFFY FATBOTTOM’S TWISTED TUESDAYS POSTCARD CHALLENGE IS:

Here's mine.. The fish is defiantly me i was born in London but we moved away and now when i got to visit family or go to London, I feel like a fish out of water, people seem so busy flying here and there 24/7 ,,, takes me forever to cross the road LOL

Arty Girlz challenge #3 Tags

This weeks challenge on Arty Girlz is Tags

we at Arty Girlz want everyone to come and join in with our challenges and share

your lovely work with us what ever your craft may be. you can find us Here

Here's mine 3 fridge magnets

I cut my tags with my sizzix using glossy card and also chip board, i inked the background of my tags with 3 shades of whispers ink i used a sponge to apply the ink, stamped my image in the darker blue ink randomly on the tags (the stamp is crafty individuals c1-001) then edged them in silver, I cut scraps of glossy card and stamped the words on and taped over the ink and edged them in silver and stuck them to my tags , then i attached the glossy card tags to the chip board tags and added ribbon and magnets on the back. Im going on my Hols soon so have luggage tags in my head.

A tag note book

I cut the tags with my sizzix. Rubbed 2 shades of orange and a yellow over the front and back covers, then stamped my image (cherry pie art stamps) in the darker Orange , punched my pages with my Bind it all machine and added the ring wire attached ribbons to the ring wire and through the hole of the front cover.

Monday, 1 October 2007

Gothic Arches challenge .. vacations/places

This week Gothic Arches challenge is vacations/places

Here's mine I used the postcard paper from The bitty scrap pads, i cut out the image and i used my dymo label thingie for the words and added a little metal suitcase.