Friday, 13 August 2010


Well you will never guess after all the worry of growing 2 heads when hitting 40 guess what nothing happened LOL, we had a few lovely days away in Oxford its such a lovely place with the mix of new and old we visited a few museums  one being the Ashmolean museum here's a few pics aint that little piggie pot the cutest and i would love to have that mask. It's amazing how all this stuff has survived after  many hundreds   of years don't you think. I took loads of pics but i wont bore you with them  all.

 We also visited Bicester  shopping village its one of those designer outlet places where you get things cheaper talk about ££££££££ being spent. how the other half  live, mind you my lovely son bought me a hand bag from the Radley shop bless im soooooooooooo chuffed he went and qued up  to buy it for me not cool for a 14 yr old boy to be in a ladies handbag shop LOL im gonna treasure it for ever.

Been busy making a few bracelets for peeps so that's something, hoping to get back into arty crafty bloggie stuff soon  have a good weekend .everyone