Wednesday, 30 June 2010


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone how answered the previous post.

I think i will set up a shop on ebay as I'm familiar with ebay, have only bought from ETSY the once and seeing as that place is full of amazing stuff i would have a right fight on my hands to sell anything before i even got tarted LOL.

 Will see how things go i might just end up saying this is for sale if your interested , but saying that i now know some people might not like to buy personally and buying from ebay or where ever gives you that bit of privacy if you know what i mean. I'll let you know when i have the shop up and running Thanks again to you all

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Ok this is why i need your help and anvice, I have been thinking about selling some of the things i make, well thats not entirley true my son and hubbie say i should as they know i enjoy my Art and Craft making and they say if i sell a few bits  the money will help keep me in supplies  which is true and i can keep doing what i love.

So here's the thing i want you to be honest about this im a big girl i cant handle it are the thing i  make worth selling im soooooooooooo not sure they are  WHAT DO YOU THINK BE HONEST, im not confident about it  also if i did where should i sell them ETSY OR ARTFIRE which is best? i know many of you have these shops so i would be grateful if you could tell me what you think of them.
I'm not going to be charging (that's if i do sell ) big prices just enough to cover the cost of supplies and time is this how i should work out prices or is there other things to think about.

I just don't know what to do please offer me some advice leave a comment or email me if you prefer  email addy is in the side bar.

As I'm writing this I'm thinking am i doing the right thing  asking for honest opinions LOL i think so that's the only way I'm gonna get this sorted one way or another ain't it fingers crossed

Sunday, 20 June 2010

soldered pendent #2

This is my 2nd attempt at soldering a pendent i used a flat tip on the soldering iron which made it much easier as you can really load the solder on. I used some more of my own cut up Art work on the pendent which i glued on the the back with glossy accents and the pendent its self is a large glass pebble.

After i finished the soldering i used a metal file on the edges its brought it up to a nice  shine making it look more metal that solder if you know what i meen  , so all in all im pleased  with how this one turned out.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Been at it again Soldered Book Mark

This is a soldered book mark i made the glass pebble on top  is made the same way as i made the pendent  . The image is from Crafty Individuals i glued the image on the back with Rangers glossy accents, when dry i put copper foil tape round the egdes and on the back and soldered it, once the pebble was complete i soldered it on to a huge paper clip, and it works a treat.

 Im pleased with how it turned out now im going to have to find some more of those huge paper clips this clip was in a christmas gift i receieved a couple of years ago from an on line friend and i hung on to thinking it will come in handy and it sure did.

Friday, 11 June 2010

wire and bead necklace

This is my first attempt  at a necklace i used a crochet hook and basically did chains with a 26 gauge wire  adding the beads as i went along  (I threaded the beads on the wire before i started).

 when i started i had full intentions of making each loop even and pretty but as i did the first few loops i didn't like the nice neat look,  that's a total lie in fact i couldn't get the tension right  LOL but i do actually like the uneven look so just did small loops big loops and went from there.

I made 2 strands with 15 beads on each strand when they were done i simply twisted them together  and added a  clasp and that's it, i also made a bracelet to match  but i need to get a clasp for it, its the same as the bracelet  but shorter  still with 15 beads on each strand.

The beads look a bit squiffy in the pic i will have to straighten them up

Its not perfect by any means but looks ok on so that's a good start LOL.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I made this clay pendent using air dry clay, studio texture makers mat (spring morning)
red acrylic paint, studio antiquing medium, gold gilt cream.
I will varnish it at some point to make it harder but it should be ok as is.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tag Tuesday Challenge # 54 Music

The theme for Tag Tuesday this week is Music.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


This is another flower painting (other painting here) except this one has been done on

a 12"x 12" boxed canvas, same mediums as befor acrylic paint, and charcoal.