Monday, 21 September 2009

Been to B&Q

Hubbie and I went to B&Q yesterday and I bought a large piece of MDF, which hubbie cut into 6x6 pieces and 2 18x12 pieces for me, I want to try and paint on something different well different for me that is . I have seen lots of peoples work on boards and wood and its turned out fab so fingers crossed.

But first I will have to give the edges a sand over and then paint the edges back and give the fronts a few coats of Gesso first .

Aw look at that mess in the background i really must tidy up don't ya think lol

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Acrylic painting on canvas (lillies)

How long has it been since I bloged? been on the missing list in blog land for aaaaages, well I have a little bit of time on my hands so I though I would show you my latest painting it's a 16x20 canvas I used acrylic paint and charcoal for this one.

There's lots of layers to the background which I started without thinking what I was going to have as an image (eek) this made it really hard to decide what to add but in the end I went for flowers. Lillies are my favourite flower there's so many different types and there all so beautiful.

As you can see my drawing skills are still lacking the Lilly's are a bit iffy LOL but i tried and that's the main thing aint it i:-)

Right hand side

whole painting

Top half
Left hand side