Friday, 31 August 2007

ATC Ramble

This is a series of 4 Atc's that i made called the greats.
Todays random word is ATC: ARTIST TRADING CARD

Today i fancy having a ramble about ATC's seeing as i love them so much.

So where did the ATC originate from, as we know it, well way back in 1987/8 a Swiss performance artist Vanci stirnemann was a claragy for the Olympic arts festival. He met a group of Canadian adults that were into collecting trading cards (base ball and such likes) he had only ever seen children collecting cards in Europe the idea that adults could care so much about these little rectangles of card intrigued him.

Almost 10 years later in about 1996 stirnemann hit upon the idea to create his own trading cards-hand made and original.

In April 1997 almost a 1000 of stirnemanns artist trading cards were put on display in a gallery in Zurich, Switzerland.

The exhibition was a huge success and people wanted to buy some of his art cards.

However he decided that he didn't think it was right to sell them as he had originally been inspired by the people that collected trading cards, so he announced that anyone who wanted one of his art cards could make there own and trade with him.

Two weeks after Stirnemanns trading card exhibition had finished an ARTIST TRADING CARD session was set up in the gallery, people were invited to come to make and trade cards. Since then the the ATC sessions have been taking place every month.

Then of course the craft would discovered these little wonders and voila the Atc as us crafters know it


There are only 2 rules for the ATC the must measure 2.5x3.5 and never sold only traded.

Originals..... These are one off' original ATC's ( making them unique)

Editions..... These are sets of cards that are identical these should be numbered on the back IE if you were making a set of 5 1/5 , 2/5, 3/5 , and so on

Series..... These are Atc's that are made on a similar theme/technique but are different these should also be numbered,

Sets..... Atc's can be made in sets of different numbers, such as threes, fours etc, where the set makes a piece of art work.

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

What a day

Today's random word is Toddler : child beginning to walk.

Today i was looking after my gorgeous nephew Jake who i s 2 boy can he chat, none stop chitter chatter all day Bless LOL.

so no crafting again BUT the Bind it all machine that i pre -ordered came to day i have only just got it outta the box, i know a new toy to play with and i have had to wait all day. There's no way i was gonna let Jake get his sticky little mitts on it, any way i have just punched a rather thick beer mat on it and wow am i impressed like a knife through butter.

The proof is in the playing so i will let you know how i get on with it.

so this morning i get up, remember i put Jake's duplo on top of the dryer in the utility room so goes to get them and BAM nearly get knocked out by hubby's wheel trims that he (well i put them there but I'm not telling him that) put on top of the freezer i have a nice bruised sore and scratched arm, that was my first accident of the day... Later while over the park with Jake and harry while crossing the bridge which has them up and over bar things on them either end i bent to go under them chatting away to Jake and BAM i straighten up to earlie and whack my head on the bar, talk about hurt LOL I'm only laughing as i was so embarrassed, and then on the way home i get bitten by something and now have a swollen itchy other arm, WHAT a day and its only 7 o'clock.

Now I'm waiting for mark to come home from work so we can have dinner,

I might pop back later and ramble some more, NOTE TO SELF.. You must do some crafting

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day 2

well what can i say this is the second day that i have blogged.

I haven't done any crafting today as yet, as the dreaded House work has been keeping me busy.
I think I have got the photo thingie sorted if I put the picci up first it should be on the bottom of the writing LOL see yesterdays post (having said that I'm still not sure )
I'm still waiting for my friend Julie to come and find me on here(hehe) dont think she she sussed that if she clicks on my name on the comments i have left on her blog it will bring her here, and if you have Julie why haven't you left me a comment.
well that's it so far for me today i might pop back and add more later today.

well I'm back and just want to say ya Storm found me LOL (waves storm)

And as yet still no crafting done today, I think I'm going to post a RANDOM word on here every day and set a little challenge for myself and if you want to join into that will be fun, back to random word, Today's word is SHOE: outta covering for the foot,ending below the ankle..... so interpret the word how every you like ... and incorporate it in you style of crafting

Monday, 27 August 2007

whats it all about?

so then, whats this all about my friends on auntys forum are doing it, doing what i hear you say blogging of course, but to be honest i don't know if i really have anything interesting to say....

that's why the title of my blog is called random rambling of a crafter, because i do tend to ramble about anything and everything, oh and I'm a crafter. so that's a start i suppose.

I have made a card for Ann for her Birthday i will upload a picci in a mo, and by the way i just cant seem to make cards, even though i do try they just seem to frazzle me. ok have up loaded the picci but its at the top i wanted it at the bottom GRRRRRRRRRR this is gonna take me forever to work out