Thursday, 31 January 2008

Moving Malarkie

This moving malarkie sure is stressful its true what they say you know. so as you may have gathered im in the process of moving house I cant see me ever getting packed up in time. I didnt realise I had so much stuff but im being good and throwing loads and loads away.

It seems I have a book on every subject going LOL but i have been very good and thrown most away or passing them on, just keeping a few as i do like my books. And then theres the craft stuff theres bags of stuff gone in the bin nothing of use just rubbish LOL i still dont know where its all come from its not like im a horder or anything nope not me (hehe).

so thats my life stress and boxes LOL im looking forward to getting settled and being able to craft properly as i miss doing the challenges not really done any, since Nov only the Arty Girlz as my dad passed away in Nov and i have been spending a lot of time with my mum, and now moving. Roll on the middle of march so i will have moved and the weather will be brighter well ok we are talking about the British weather Here so roll on march so i would be in my new home and the weather will be British LOL

I think I have Rambled enough for now dont you........


Jo said...

You ramble away Crissi, I wish you all the best and every happiness in your new home xx
I know you are busy and please don't worry about reponding but you have been tagged, check out my blog if you want to play.

Rosie said...

Good luck with the move mate... and it'll be lovely for you to get back into the arty-swing of things.
BTW - congrats on the ATC Club. Course you'll be good enough - I know how much you love your ATCs, Crissi!!
Bug hugs,
Rosie xxx