Sunday, 21 December 2008

charity shop find

I was walking past the charity shop in town yesterday and happened to glance in one of there bins out side and look what i found a bag with rubber stamps a new bottle of pva and glitter.

The first 2 stamps have not been used the first one is an all night media one and the second is an anna griffin one which i love and all the others are in really good condition.

Now heres the best bit they were wait for it ................................... £1.50 for the lot what a bargin.


Shellie said...

WOW Crissi what =a great find. I often find stuff in charity shops but my Mum is a better searcher lol she has found me loads of kits etc even found me 2 All our yesterdays kits that are my favs for 75p each
Enjiy your bargain and have a Great Christmas hun
Happy Crafting

June said...

Wow that is a bargain !! A crafter after my own heart hehehe ... I look out for all the bargains in charity shops and car boots
well done you !!!
Hugs J x

Pascale said...

I will not fail to go into another charity shop after seeing these! I get wool and paper from them occassionally. Enjoy your lucky find. LOL and Merry Christmas! Pascale :)

Dawn said...

Oh my God Crissi - that is such a find - I'm afraid my charity shops here have never got anything like that.

Crafty Green Poet said...

its amazing what you can find in charity shops!

bubblegum said...

What a fabulous bargain - well done you on finding must have been chuffed to bits. :)


Dream With the Fishes said...

Now that's a find! I'm always stopping into thrift stores, salvation armies, charity shops and I have yet to find rubber stamps. I did find a whole load of unopened paint pens once, though. That was a good one as they're expensive!