Saturday, 24 January 2009

Im Guest designer for the Object D'Art challenge blog

I was thrilled to bits when Jennie asked if i wanted to Guest Designer on the Object D'Art challenge blog,
From the list Jennie gave i choose to do the Altered book. This is what i came up with nothing like i first intended but that's always seems to be how it goes for me LOL.

painted pages on inside ready for journaling

This is what i did to alter the book its quite long winded so you may need to go make a cuppa first and get some bickies if your going to read it. oh and may be sit in a comfy chair LOL

I got my book from a sale at the Library for 50p can't grumble at that can you.

Firstly I found an old photo frame and used the glass as a template to cut the front of the book out, then i covered the front of the book with Golden molding paste, to this i added crushed egg shells and let it dry.when dry i used red yellow and gold acrylic paints on the cover over the shells and also on the back of the book.

when it was dry i covered the whole front of the book with a mixture of Tetrolseal car paint (its the black tarie stuff you use on the underneath of cars to stop it rusting) and turps then used a rag to wipe it back to the paint, it gives a lovely rich colour and depth to the texture. (you can also use a cotton bud with some turps on to wipe some of the paint back on random bits of the shells for more effect if you like) oh and don't panic when you see your work has turned black LOL it will be ok .

I used the card that was in the old frame to create my picture i used the same colours for the background as the book then cut out the image and glued it in place, i used a water colour crayon in black and smudged it around the image and edges I also did that around the cut opening. I then glued the picture to the front page of the book, then glued the glass in to the opening that was cut out previously just ran glue around the edge.

I used an old earring for a charm,(just made a hole and used wire) and glued the charm words around the book and added an ivy rub on. Then i screwed 4 screws in to each corner which kind of binds the first inch or so of the book together.
on the inside of the book i covered the first pages with paint ready for when i use the book as a journal to keep techniques in the first is going to be how i made the book.


Anonymous said...

Simply stunning Crissi! Love your use of egg shells, and the colour is gorgeous. Thanks for the instructions, off to find a book now! :0)

Anonymous said...

wow- this looks amazing!

Faye said...

Crissi, this is really spectacular! No wonder you were chosen to be guest designer. I'm sure that honor will be repeated many times in the future! Please check out my blog for an award.

Maya said...

WOW!! This is stunning!
Love it!
HUgs from Maya :)

Julie said...

Absolutely Fantastic Crissi !!

I can't wait to see it IRL xx

Chriss Rollins said...

stuning a truely beautiful piece.

it's amazing what can be done with stuff we would normally throw out..egg shells!!

congratulations on being a guest designer.

chriss x

Rosie said...

Absolutely gorgeous mate! I wondered what the eggshells were at first!! Fabulous project - I am inspired!! Hugs, Rosie

PS I have photo-tagged you but no pressure!! xx