Monday, 21 September 2009

Been to B&Q

Hubbie and I went to B&Q yesterday and I bought a large piece of MDF, which hubbie cut into 6x6 pieces and 2 18x12 pieces for me, I want to try and paint on something different well different for me that is . I have seen lots of peoples work on boards and wood and its turned out fab so fingers crossed.

But first I will have to give the edges a sand over and then paint the edges back and give the fronts a few coats of Gesso first .

Aw look at that mess in the background i really must tidy up don't ya think lol


Paula said...

Nice to see you blogging again - look forward to seeing what youll do using these MDF pieces.

Lorraine said...

my dh has just bought some mdf for more guitar stuff..wonder if he will cut some pieces for me..excellent idea Crissi. Love your lily painting and thanks very much for visiting my blog today

joyfulploys said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I want to get some of this thick is your board? I love the lilies you painted.