Friday, 5 March 2010

Crafting with Julie

Today i went to Julies and we made cards, we haven't crafted together for such a long time like years.

It made such a lovely change I cant believe I made wait for it 3 cards, I have to be honest I haven't made a card in ages and they arnt my fave things to do as I just get in a big flap when i do them LOL.
But i enjoyed having some one to craft with, made a lovely change, plus i used all Julie's stash and didn't have to clean up the mess after. THANKS JULIE FOR A LOVELY DAY.

Here are the cards i made.


Julie Allain said...

They really are lovely Crissi, I can't wait til next friday :) xx

Fiona Whitehead said...

they're lovely Crissi - I love the purple one - it makes such a difference doesn't it crafting with someone rather than alone - hope you girls got your heads together to come up with another blog challenge - I do miss arty girlz and all your fab projects xx

elina said...

beautiful elegant cards, lovely colors and design!

Jinny said...

Beautiful cards and art work, i am here because i found you on you tube! Loved the videos and many thanks
Best wishes