Wednesday, 23 June 2010


Ok this is why i need your help and anvice, I have been thinking about selling some of the things i make, well thats not entirley true my son and hubbie say i should as they know i enjoy my Art and Craft making and they say if i sell a few bits  the money will help keep me in supplies  which is true and i can keep doing what i love.

So here's the thing i want you to be honest about this im a big girl i cant handle it are the thing i  make worth selling im soooooooooooo not sure they are  WHAT DO YOU THINK BE HONEST, im not confident about it  also if i did where should i sell them ETSY OR ARTFIRE which is best? i know many of you have these shops so i would be grateful if you could tell me what you think of them.
I'm not going to be charging (that's if i do sell ) big prices just enough to cover the cost of supplies and time is this how i should work out prices or is there other things to think about.

I just don't know what to do please offer me some advice leave a comment or email me if you prefer  email addy is in the side bar.

As I'm writing this I'm thinking am i doing the right thing  asking for honest opinions LOL i think so that's the only way I'm gonna get this sorted one way or another ain't it fingers crossed


julietk said...

I am going to email you Crissy

Anonymous said...

The thing is,if you dont give it a go, youll never know - what do you have to lose?
Wish I could say which site to use to sell on but havent the foggiest - do like the Etsy site and have bought from there with no probs....I know a few friends that sell some of their altered work on Ebay successfully.
Good luck Crissi x

Linda Robinson said...

Hi Crissi,
I have to agree with Paula here. I defenitly think you should give it a try, I love your creation...
And it's not like it cost anything to try! You go girl! I say do it!

I have bought from Etsy, I have not bought from Artfire, I don't know which is best!

Hugs, Linda

Sian said...

Go for it! Your creations are wonderful. Sorry can't help about Etsy etc haven't used them.

Horners Corner said...

Artfire is crap unless you pay monthly for it, then theirs no guarantee you will sell anything as it is very new and no ones heard of it but a small % of crafters

Go Etsy and hell yeah!! get selling your stuffs awesome!!

Lori said...

I think your work is lovely, Crissi, go for it! The only thing I can't help with is Etsy or Artfire, I have bought from Etsy, and I do like the website, but I have no experience with Artfire.

Lorraine said...

why not give Etsy a try..the fees are really small compared to ebay...make sure to cover for paypal fees in your shipping price. Etsy gets a lot of international visitors compared to the newer UK version Folksy. I havent tried Artfire but have had no problems selling on Etsy or buying on there..good luck give it a go as you have got nothing to lose

Julie Allain said...

Well as the owner of quite a few of your creations I say Definitely Crissi!!!

Like others have said what have you got to lose xx

Fiona Whitehead said...

Yes I agree Crissi - try ebay or etsy - I have bought from etsy i don't know artfire. Is there a small gift shop near you or craft shop or even art gallery which is what Rosie did - maybe take a few things in and see if they are interested, go to a car boot sale, try a stall at a local school fete or maybe try the library and see if there is a local outlet for hand-made items. Good luck and let us know x

Shona Cole said...

I am another one on the 'why not?' wagon. your stuff is lovely and someone would pay for it. I don't think you should undercut your time and expertise though, if you only charge enough to cover expenses then you may get burned out. just a thought. if you have the time do it! all the best