Friday, 13 August 2010


Well you will never guess after all the worry of growing 2 heads when hitting 40 guess what nothing happened LOL, we had a few lovely days away in Oxford its such a lovely place with the mix of new and old we visited a few museums  one being the Ashmolean museum here's a few pics aint that little piggie pot the cutest and i would love to have that mask. It's amazing how all this stuff has survived after  many hundreds   of years don't you think. I took loads of pics but i wont bore you with them  all.

 We also visited Bicester  shopping village its one of those designer outlet places where you get things cheaper talk about ££££££££ being spent. how the other half  live, mind you my lovely son bought me a hand bag from the Radley shop bless im soooooooooooo chuffed he went and qued up  to buy it for me not cool for a 14 yr old boy to be in a ladies handbag shop LOL im gonna treasure it for ever.

Been busy making a few bracelets for peeps so that's something, hoping to get back into arty crafty bloggie stuff soon  have a good weekend .everyone


Sian said...

Great photos, thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you had a lovely birthday.

Clare H said...

Glad you had a good Birthday!!!

Jane said...

Hi Crissi
Many happy returns, pleased you had a great few days. I couldn't agree more, Oxford is a stunning city. I turned 50 this year, I hated it so much I refused to celebrate with a party, instead I asked for my lads to chip in & get me a bird table for the garden haha
Jane x

Anonymous said...

Hi Crissi, great to see you and love your pics, it looks like a very interesting trip and what a darling your boy is to buy the handbag bless him
hugs June xxxx

sarah-anne said...

Great museum shots. It is amazing how long this art lasted. One of my recent columns for my print column was about the so called importancee of 'art quality' expensive material. Theses artist used what tehy had and its' lasted decades. Also great what you're son did for you. I remember my own brother at about that age buying my mom and gold plated compact mirror, which, now almost 20 years later, she still has and treasures:) And uses too*L*