Friday, 24 October 2008

Recycled hard back book,

on Auntys forum (link on the side bar) this months challenge is recycling so i have recycled an old hard back book that was being thrown away. The covers from hard back books the kind that have the dust covers and feel like canvas not the laminated kind is what i have used and they make great surfaces to paint on i use a lot of canvas boards and this is a great cheap way of using the same kinda thing and you can use the pages as well. (you can pick up cheap books in charity/thrift shops and car boot sales.)

Any way here's what I did I cut the covers from the book I just use the front one for these 2 pictures. I painted the cover with gesso to prime it you may not even need to do this but I slap gesso on everything LOL so i used it. then I painted the cover with blue acrylic paints when dry I stuck some torn pages from the book onto the board and gave them a wash of blue. I cut the board in 2 and used one half for the first picture which I glued the images to then just used a bottle cap to make the circles just dipped it in paint.
for the second one I did or should I say I tried to do a charcoal drawing of a face over the top of the background she looks a bit weird but i sort of like her shes a bit like me not perfect and a bit weird


Anonymous said...

Crissi, I LOVE THESE! They came out great!

I have a big box covers I've removed from old 'garbage' books, and another box with old books intact, for use in altering, or using the pages, etc. Those children's board books are also GREAT for this sort of thing!

I just emailed you the info on that WOMEN book. You're gonna flip!

xoxo serena

Anesha said...

Great projects! You have given me an idea!!!

carolann said...

These are awesome hun well done xxxxxx

bubblegum said...

Hey Crissi well done - I think you did a fab job - always good to express yourself the way you like and not just what is in vogue. :) :)

Thanks for dropping by. ;)