Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Blog inspiration

The challenge this week over on Arty Girlz is blog inspiration, my inspiration came from Linda's Blog. Linda makes the most amazing creations on her blog and she has been making little works of Art On wooden blocks so this is my inspiration to create something on wood.

But i had a problem i didn't have any wood LOL so i had to improvise i did have these

some Jenga blocks so i glued 4 together and made this

I collages the block with papers that had ladies, tea pots , tea cups and writing on it. used different colours of paint over the top and rubbed some off to reveal a little bit of the images underneath then added the black and white image and went round the edge with a soft white pencil and a charcoal pencil to blend the image in. since i took the picture i have given it a coat of beeswax to finish it off . Linda has kindly added this to the Awfullly big art adventure blog as there theme last week was chunky block's


Carol said...


Love the thick ATC effect you've created and the over all effect is stunning
Love the idea of using Jenga blocks
Never tried Bees wax other than encaustic painting...is it the same??

Thanks for sharing

Julie said...

Beautiful creation Crissi

I can't believe its only the size of four jenga blocks it looks so big

Your background is GORGEOUS!!!

Tania said...

Lovely work! Great backgroud.

Faye said...

What a gorgeous work of art! I love the beeswax over it.

Sian said...

Gorgeous creation Crissi, stunning image :)

Chris said...

Fabulous Crissi... and how ingenious to use those wooden jenga blocks glued together!!
I agree that Linda is such a talented lady and your artwork is always stunning too :D
Chris xx

KardKrazy said...

Julie, this is really a fabulous work of art. Great idea -- thanks for sharing!

Rosie said...

Gorgeous Crissi! It's hard to imagine how small it is in RL!
Talk about inspired... I also came home witha neat slab of wood from the Scrapstore yesterday, which I am hoping Nick will cut into 12 for me!!! Mad or what? LOL!

KardKrazy said...

Crissi, have I told you what a fabulous work of art this is? And how glad I am that you shared the idea? Well, it is -- and I am:)

Dream With the Fishes said...

Great improvising! That came out sooooo pretty. Love the background and the image. NICE WORK!

Carol said...


Many thanks for taking time to answer my question.... off to search it out LOL


Deborah March said...

Oooohhh, WONDERFUL wee treasure Crissi, fabulous background work!

Linda said...

Crissi, I've only just found this - you ought to link it to the BAA challenge site. Its wonderful...I love it! And how ingenious of you to glue jenga blocks together!
Do you mind if I put it with the others on our challenge blog?
Love Linda (and Rosie) xx

Jaqi said...

Wow, this is great and it sure doesnt look like JENGA blocks now, you hav done a great job and even better that you had to improvise too. Well Done Jaqi x

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Very lovely and aren't you clever MAKING a block!!! I bet the beeswax is a wonderful layer. I had thought about that, but haven't tried it yet :)

Mam said...

This is a wonderful technique! I almost tried beeswax on mine! that worked beautifully for you. (I did use a ligh coat of brown shoe polish, though.)Nancy

Ann said...

wow love this and what a great idea with the Jenga blocks. Charity shops here I come!!!

Ann xxx

Rosie said...

Now that's what I call brilliant improvisation! If you don't have what's required .... and it's worked really well and love what you have done.
Rosie ABAA

Chriss Rollins said...

A fabulous wooden ATC a very talented lady to be inspired by.
brilliant jenga blocks..lol.

chriss x
Thanks for the challenge.

Pascalebrad said...

Jenga blocks to this....AMAZING! Pascale :)

Sharon said...

Beautiful atc, Crissi. I wouldn't have thought of gluing the jenga blocks together, but it totally works. :)