Wednesday, 28 April 2010

stamped textural painting.... mixed media

Another experiment for this one i used a canvas, builders caulk and stamps and found objects as in bottle tops etc.

I covered the canvas in caulk sprayed the stamps with water its better to do this as they get stuck in the caulk other wise, (that's the first mistake i made LOL )

where was i oh yeah i pressed stamps in to the caulk, did this all over randomly when the caulk was dry i swooshed paint all over and wiped some back did this in layers dried the first and then added a couple more colours, it ended up quite dark with almost an old metal feel to it. might add a few coats of light paint to it or play some more with it I'm not sure.

Again a rubbish photo one day i will make some thing that i can photograph properly

some close ups


Horners Corner said...

that's really cool, never thought about using caulk on canvass!!

Faye said...

Crissi, thanks for dropping by. There are so many blogs to visit that I really do appreciate visits. I have checked out yours, haven't been here in a while, and have discovered this fantastic technique. I must go try it. It looks like the process from start to finish takes quite a while since all these things need to dry between steps. But your results are simply stunning. I just hope I might be able to get something half as beautiful.

Lori said...

This is so very cool, I must try this, do you think it would be safe for me to try? lol. Love the paint colors. Totally awesome!

Anonymous said...

we share such a passion for texture, i recently posted a piece on my arty retreat blog, and am always thrilled to see other textural art work especially with such gorgeous colouring too,this is inspirational Crissi
hugs June xxx

julietk said...

Your photos are not bad Crissy Lovely tactile piece.

Debbie said...

Hi Crissi thank you ever so much for dropping by - so sorry I haven't been visiting much.

I absolutely love this altered canvas - love the colours and textures in it. :) :) It will look fabulous hanging up. :)

Take care


embroidnurse said...

I love it and it photographed beautifully. I want to touch it!