Friday, 2 July 2010

Yikes i did it well kind off

OK so i didn't do what i said i was gonna do, I downloaded Turbo Lister from ebay to list my items for sale and bottled out  fear hit me  big time what if it goes wrong what if they hate what they have bought i just couldn't do it.

 so in a moment of madness i opened an Etsy store i thought maybe no one would see me lol so could get used to the idea of listing things for sale so there you have it I'm on Etsy I hope I worked out the currency right i ?  will be listing more on there today, I'm going to give it the urm 3 months and see how it goes then try ebay  or should i just go to ebay Yikes im still in a pickle over all this.............................. Etsy, ebay, Artfire yikes yikes yikes


Sian said...

LOL, what are you like????
All the best with your new venture.

Anonymous said...

lol what are you like! I understand why your feeling this way but please realise your work is good!
You could give them both a try and see which one has more I keep saying,you have nothing to lose!

Good luck Crissi x

Stacey Smith said...

Don't be afeered! You're doing great.

Lori said...

Good luck!