Thursday, 22 July 2010

This and That

well D day is nearly here i will be hitting the big 40 tomorrow, I have been dreading hitting 40 i dont know why they say life Begins at 40  Yeah right show me the proof LOL, i don't know if I'm expecting to grow another head over night or what just been dreading it, moving on from dwelling about growing extra body parts and fear and dread LOL

MY lovely Hubbie bought me a new soldering iron and also a gas  soldering iron plus some silver solder for my Birthday but i got those a few weeks ago, my sister and her hubby have brought me a new dremel with a drill press and flex shaft woohoo cant wait to get stuck into that.

The ebay auction went ok i sold 2 out of the 4  painting that i listed so that was Excellent thanks to everyone who commented and emailed about selling and giving me the push to have ago.

Been busy making some bracelet's and bits and bobs will post them soon if family don't keep pinching them LOL before i get to take a pic.

I know its only Thursday but have a good weekend  everyone ..


Clare H said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!!!

Hope you have a lovely day and a great weekend too


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Crissi - hope you enjoy your day! Ive got 2 years before I hit the big 4-0 so youll have to tell me if you do grow another head lol
And congrats on the Ebay sales...see,we said you would do well!

Lori said...

Happy Birthday! And congrats on selling two paintings! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

Hi Crissi, i have missed being around this week and blogging but glad i got chance to drop by yours. I hope you have the very very best birthday ever !!! Oh and believe me 40 is fab and no extra body parts lol take it from a 52 year old hehe... ya just a spring chicken
hugs June xxxxx

Sian said...

Happy 40th Birthday Crissi, hope you're having a wonderful day. I didn't realise it was a big 'un. Glad your creations done well on Ebay.

julietk said...

Happy Birthday :-) Great gifts really useful.

Anonymous said...

Lol Crissi, 40 is just a baby, i passed 51 in June and people say i look much younger so you have good things to come my friend. Happy happy YOUNG birthday and do enjoy it my friend its a lovely one to celebrate.
I have a new challenge at my Dezinaworld blog if you fancy a go but if not, just keep on making beautiful art
Hugs June xxxxx

Anonymous said...

lol just noticed i posted on this before and said i was 52 ... where the hell did that year go ? hehe i am ahead of meself but i swear i am only 51 lol
hugs June xx