Wednesday, 29 August 2007

What a day

Today's random word is Toddler : child beginning to walk.

Today i was looking after my gorgeous nephew Jake who i s 2 boy can he chat, none stop chitter chatter all day Bless LOL.

so no crafting again BUT the Bind it all machine that i pre -ordered came to day i have only just got it outta the box, i know a new toy to play with and i have had to wait all day. There's no way i was gonna let Jake get his sticky little mitts on it, any way i have just punched a rather thick beer mat on it and wow am i impressed like a knife through butter.

The proof is in the playing so i will let you know how i get on with it.

so this morning i get up, remember i put Jake's duplo on top of the dryer in the utility room so goes to get them and BAM nearly get knocked out by hubby's wheel trims that he (well i put them there but I'm not telling him that) put on top of the freezer i have a nice bruised sore and scratched arm, that was my first accident of the day... Later while over the park with Jake and harry while crossing the bridge which has them up and over bar things on them either end i bent to go under them chatting away to Jake and BAM i straighten up to earlie and whack my head on the bar, talk about hurt LOL I'm only laughing as i was so embarrassed, and then on the way home i get bitten by something and now have a swollen itchy other arm, WHAT a day and its only 7 o'clock.

Now I'm waiting for mark to come home from work so we can have dinner,

I might pop back later and ramble some more, NOTE TO SELF.. You must do some crafting


Storm said...

Awwww poor Crissi. No I am not laughing, no really, really I'm not. :-D

Julie said...

lololol you've got jamie-itis

Seriously hope you're not too battered matey !