Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Day 2

well what can i say this is the second day that i have blogged.

I haven't done any crafting today as yet, as the dreaded House work has been keeping me busy.
I think I have got the photo thingie sorted if I put the picci up first it should be on the bottom of the writing LOL see yesterdays post (having said that I'm still not sure )
I'm still waiting for my friend Julie to come and find me on here(hehe) dont think she she sussed that if she clicks on my name on the comments i have left on her blog it will bring her here, and if you have Julie why haven't you left me a comment.
well that's it so far for me today i might pop back and add more later today.

well I'm back and just want to say ya Storm found me LOL (waves storm)

And as yet still no crafting done today, I think I'm going to post a RANDOM word on here every day and set a little challenge for myself and if you want to join into that will be fun, back to random word, Today's word is SHOE: outta covering for the foot,ending below the ankle..... so interpret the word how every you like ... and incorporate it in you style of crafting


Storm said...

LOL @ shoe. I would of done it if it wasn't half past 8 and I had just put everything away. I'll watch out for tomorrows word.
Great blog Crissi *hi5*

crissi said...

LOL i gotta do something to get myself crafting, prob a silly idea but its a start