Monday, 11 February 2008

Freebie picture on crissi's swap shop

I have up loaded my first freebie image for you to snag on my new Blog crissi's swap shop

This is where i will be adding freebie images for you to snag , freebie links i find on my travels , and also any art work i have to swap/trade IE: Atc's Arches 4x4's Tag's and what ever else i make along the way. so if your into swapping ATC,s , archs, 4x4 tags and what have you please keep popping on there to see what on offer or better still add it to your Favourites ;-)

I must admit it may be a little slow at present due to me moving i have packed all my Atc's and work that i have for swap away but come mid march i will be in full swing again but in the meen time i will be adding images and other bits and bob's SO KEEP CHECKING

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