Thursday, 14 February 2008

so much to do so little time

I can remember saying about 6 weeks ago i have loads of time to get the house packed up for the move, well i just cant believe how fast its creeping up on me i still have packing to do and keep thinking to myself im gonna run out of time.

My mum has been poorly so im worried about her and what with moving and general day to day stuff all i can say is i think i need a holiday LOL

Im so missing not doing the challenges and not having time to craft properly i just cant wait to be all settled in the new home so i can craft my little heart out and get back to the challenges and blog hopping, i havent even had time to visit many blogs either :-(


Jane said...

Crissi, hang in there mate, it will be good when it's all sorted!! Positive thoughts for your mums health {{hugs}}

Sian said...

It will all get done ((( hugs ))) to keep you going in the meanwhile ;)

Rainbow Lady said...

Hope all goes well Crissi. Hope Mum gets better soon too.
Maybe this 'You make my day' award will help a little. You can check out what to do next on my blog when you get time.
Love and hugs Cynthia x

Margaret said...

Crissi, thanks for visiting my blog. I very much understand about moving -- I've moved 4 times in the last 5 years. Don't worry about the challenge and blogs; they'll be there when the move's all said and done. Best of luck.

bubblegum said...

Hope your mum gets better soon, I know what it is like Crissi, my mum is ill too.

Don't worry things will get sorted out soon. :)

Debbie x

Sam Morris said...

Hope you're mum's much better by now, I thought it was us kids who were supposed to make our parents worry, not the other way round??!!

Not sure when it is you move but hope it's all gone/going smoothly, you have my every sympathy, I moved 9 times in 3 years once (back in the pre married days and everything I owned fit in the boot of the car lol!)