Saturday, 1 September 2007

Bind it all saturday

Todays Random word is Bicycle: vehicle with two wheels, one behind the other, pedalled by the rider.

I have been playing with my new Bind it all machine today its so much fun, i have made a gift set for a friend using it.

It's so easy to use i have punched thick beer mats, card, paper so far I'm going to try Cd's tomorrow fingers crossed it works like they say.

The frame was plain wood so i gave it wash of white acrylic paint used Basic Grey Lilly Kate papers (Don't ya just love BG scrummy papers) I drew round the frame on to the back of the paper making the top half shorter then the bottom as you can see i used 2 different papers then added sticky ribbon at the joins.

The note book i use card that was 2.5x3.5 for the inner and outer pages i covered the front and back cover in the lilac paper and used the other sheet of BG paper to cut a part of the pattern out and added that to the covers front and back then punched everything with the Bind it all added the wire and that's the note book.

I chopped a pencil in half and covered it in the lilac paper to match the note book and added a piece of sticky ribbon round the center.
For the box i used 5 beer mats covered 4 of them with white card then on the other side i covered 2 with the lilac paper and the other 2 with the patterned paper and the 5th beer mat i covered both sides with white card as this was for the bottom. I punched the sides of the beer mats with the Bind it all then threaded ribbon through the holes and knotted them, glued the edges of the 5th beer mat and attached it to the bottom, and that's the box.

I will put the note book and pencil in the box and anything else i come up with.


Julie said...

OMG CRISSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

Well done!!!!!!!!

I can't wait to come round and have a play and you've made my mind up - I'm definitely getting one


Donna said...

i love the picture frame! super work.. never heard of bind it machine before - may have to have a little google lol

crissi said...

thanks girls, julie you will love it, and donna you gotta get one LOL

Louly said...

Oh wow! This is a beautiful gift to give. I love how you've used the beer mats Crissi! You are one clever lady.

Storm said...

wow wow wow. It's great Crissi

Emma said...

Wow Crissi, gteat work once again. I was looking at these machines when doing an order the other week. They're not cheap are they. Hope you get lots of use out of it.

crissi said...

no they aint cheap Emma but worth every penny :-)thanks for the lovely comment all.

Rosie said...

Crissi - I want one too - anything that makes light work of books and boxes is an absolute must-have... I am Green with envy - oh and BTW - gorgeous work hunni!

Jo said...

Oh WOW Crissi! this set is to die for, it's stunning...what a fantastic gift!

Kazz said...


I need a Bind it all!

Magickdiva said...

WOW - THEY'RE MINE - I received them on Sat as a swap pressy - I think I got the better deal there Crissi Thanks so much!!!