Saturday, 8 September 2007

sat on my bum saturday

Today's Random word is Breeze: gentle wind, move quickly or casually.

well that's about all i have done today apart from popping to Sainsbury's food shopping.

so i thought i would show you a jewellery box that i altered a little while ago, I can honestly say hand on heart that this is the only thing i have ever done and it has turned out exactly how i hoped it would.
I normally have loads of idea's rattling about in my head and they look really cool in there LOL but NEVER turn out how i thought they would .. The first picci is before and the next 2 are after i got my grubby hand on it.

I sanded the box down to the bare wood to get rid of that horrible stain, i also sanded the handled to get rid of the gold guilding, then i took the lid off and scanned it for a template, also the little draw on the front then the rest of the box for templates.

I cut them out and drew round my paper which were K&co i wanted a romantic feel to the box and thought these papers were perfect for the job. I then glued all my paper in place when it was dry I sanded the edges of the paper into the box for a nice smooth finish. I didn't seal the box because i liked it as it was


Louly said...

This is realy gorgeous, it reminds me of Victorian decoupage, have you seen any? they tended to paint the whole thing black then cut out lots of paper flowers, leaves, butterflies etc then they stuck it all on and varnished over the top of it all. You'd be great at that.

crissi said...

As it happens my friend Jan sent me some vintage scraps for my birthday to do some decoupag,its on my to do list, I'm looking for the right box for the job.

bubblegum said...

Crissi i love this - what you've done is gorgeous. I agree with Louly and the vintage decoupage.

Debbie x

Julie said...

Yep I can vouch for this being lovely!!!

Shellie said...

I love this well done Crissi