Wednesday, 5 September 2007

I dont Believe it

Today's random word is Believe; accept as true or real; think, assume, or suppose.

I don't believe it i made wait for it 2 cards yesterday, one is for the monthly challenge on auntys forum, we had to make a card for a female family member and it had to have flowers on it, i don't normally do the card challenge because of my fear of them LOL there must be a name for it, ************* a fear of making cards lol. The other one i did as i was on a roll something that does'nt happen for me where cards are concerned, LOL.

The first one for auntys i used the Anita's scribble stamp (thanks Julie) i made a bi fold card laid it flat and stamped the flowers in an upwards direction in black and and embossed than with clear embossing powder, cut round the flowers folded the card back up then used chalks to colour the flowers i also stamped embossed and chalked flowers on the back as well so when its opened you can see them.

For the second card i made a tall card blank covered it with Lilly Kate paper (BG) cut the shape with fancy scissors then added a piece of parchment card to the inside front cover to make it rectangle again and stamped happy birthday at the bottom on the inside i stuck another piece of parchment card to the inside back cover and added the pattern paper that i cut from the front i trimmed it so it wernt so wide,to it to add something to the in side it a simple looking card.

so here they are.


Julie said...

and you say you can't do cards!!!

Absolutely FAB Crissi!!!!

Magickdiva said...

Great Cards Crissi - I guess you're cured from your Cardophobia!!! LOL!

crissi said...

pmsl!!! cardophobia fi i like that

bubblegum said...

Love your cards Crissi,who said cardphobia??

Debbie x

bubblegum said...

Lovely cards Crissi, who said you were cardphobic? Well done.

debbie x

crissi said...

LOL debbie,

fee said...

They look so professional Crissi, well done! xx

Louly said...

Wow Crissi, you are a great card maker, they are both fab but I especially love the bifold one, it's gorgeous.