Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Thats it!!!

Todays Random word is: Amity: friendship

Well today's the day my baby boy has gone up to big school (seniors)he looked so grown up in his uniform. I feel quite jittery today worrying, that he's ok.

I was going to start my cj today but i'm just not in the crafting mood, so i will post a picci of a pendent that i made using a Len's from an old pair of glasses and a key ring they were an experiment so a bit on the dodgy side but i have the idea now hopefully i will be able to do them better next time (if there is a next time LOL)


Julie said...

Such a clever idea....I daren't spend too much time round yours incase I get altered lol

bubblegum said...

Love your pendants - really great idea. :)

Debbie x

Storm said...

OMG WOW *faints*

how on earth did you
a) manage to make them
b) find old glasses lenses
c) make a hole without breaking then.

They are fab

crissi said...

storm i found the glasses in the cupboard they were mine from the 80's pmsl big wernt they'

hi debbie (waves)

julie what you trying to say LOL

Magickdiva said...

Crissi - your altered art always amazes me - you have such great ideas. I can't get crafting either - shall we have a coffee instead! LOL!

Jo said...

what a brilliant idea! they are fantastic...wtg crissi

lol @ julie's comment

Helen & Co. said...

These look fabulous! Know what you mean too - my son's started Junior school today too!